The seven-day ceasefire agreement it reached with the paramilitary organization Rapid Support Forces (RSF) was confirmed today by the Sudanese army, clarifying that it will be limited to arrangements for a ceasefire to protect civilians and hospitals and that it does not involve political issues .

“Your armed forces announce their commitment to the text of the agreement and express the hope that the paramilitary forces will do the same,” the army spokesman said on his Facebook page, referring to DTY.

Late last night the agreement between the two was announced by the US and Saudi State Departments.

The ceasefire between the warring parties in Sudan came into effect at 09:45 (local time, 10:45 Greek time).

Unlike previous ceasefire agreements, this time the warring sides agreed in Jeddah to activate an international mechanism – led by the US and Saudi Arabia – to oversee the agreed ceasefire.