London by Thanasis Gavou

Personal information tens of thousands of employees of British Airways (BA), cosmetics, hygiene and drug stores Boots, and the BBC stolen after a cyber attackas the Daily Telegraph reveals.

The electronic attack was first noticed last week and is believed to linked to Russian hackers.

BA has informed all its 34,000 employees in the UK and Ireland that the theft concerns the details of those on the payroll of those two countries.

The personal data that was compromised include names, addresses, social security numbers, bank account details and other information.

The situation is similar in Boots chain, while the attack was also confirmed by the BBC without giving further details.

In BA’s case the cyberattack is linked to the company that provides it payroll servicesias, Zellis.

It is noted that this company also organizes the payroll registers in other large organizations and companies in Britain, such as the national health system NHS and the car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover.

Experts believe that the attack bears the characteristics of its action Russian-speaking gang of cyberspace known as Clop.

The perpetrators targeted a vulnerable point in the calculation MOVEit used by Zellis to transfer data. Affected companies were notified by the company that developed the software, Progress Software.