By Athena Papakosta

This is the worst toxic air pollution in the history of the United States, and it was caused by the wildfires that have been raging in eastern Canada for days.

The sky was painted orange transforming New York into an otherworldly landscape that looked like it was taken from the planet Mars. The thick veil of smoke plunged the city that never sleeps into darkness within three hours.

Immediately, the alarm was raised with residents and tourists speaking of images reminiscent of the Apocalypse, of a dystopian landscape and a reality not taken from life but from a video game.

No one can hide from the climate crisis, experts say, and add to their long list of examples for the above argument how the disaster in Canada creates problems in another country – in this case, in the northeastern part of the United States of America.

As the cloud of smog covers the atmosphere, the “Big Apple” rots and the air quality in the global metropolis is becoming the worst in the entire world even surpassing the pollution in New Delhi, India.

This means that those who live in the area are at risk of experiencing health problems.

As for the vulnerable groups, the local authorities call on those suffering from cardiorespiratory problems to stay at home and avoid travel. At the same time, the protective masks we learned during the coronavirus pandemic are returning as a shield against the toxic and unbearable atmosphere for all those who need to move for emergency reasons.

But the smoke also suffocates him Canada which has now passed the threshold of the worst fire season in its own history. 400 fires are raging in the country. 150 are in Quebec alone and 240 remain unchecked. The environmental, economic and social costs are expected to be enormous.

Nearly 42 million acres have burned since the start of the year in Canada – a total far higher than the average for decades. From the devastating fires in the west of the country about a month ago, now, it is the turn of the east side with Nova Scotia being hit by the unprecedented fires that are taking on huge proportions due to the effects of climate change.

Thousands of people leave their homes. Washington is sending 600 firefighters and personnel, while France, Portugal and Spain are also assisting Ottawa with 300 firefighters through the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism and remain in contact with Canadian authorities about sending further assistance.

White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre told reporters that the wildfires in Canada and the smoke billowing across the United States are “yet another disturbing example of the ways the climate crisis is disrupting our lives and our communities.” ». The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, also spoke about the devastating effects of climate change, while at the same time, experts who talk with numbers talk about an unprecedented situation which, however, came to stay… signaling an alarm for the future.