The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenksi thanked the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez for today’s visit to Kyiv, which takes place on the day Spain’s presidency of the European Union begins, while the two leaders underlined that Ukraine’s candidacy for EU membership will be a priority of the Spanish presidency.

“Thank you for your important visit and for your support to our people,” Zelensky said via social networking sites. “It is extremely important that this visit takes place on the first day of the Spanish Presidency of the EU”he added.

Moreover, in a joint statement adopted today by Zelensky and Sanchez, it is underlined that the candidacy of Spain will be a priority of the Spanish presidency of the European Union.

“Spain reiterates its support for Ukraine’s candidacy to join the EU, which will be one of the priorities of its presidency,” read the joint statement released by Zelensky’s office. “Spain supports the strengthening of the partnership between NATO and Ukraine, including through the creation of a NATO-Ukraine Council“, the statement added.