London, Thanasis Gavos

Proud for the UK’s leading role in “substantial success” that was for Ukraine the NATO summit in Vilnius, he said Rishi Sunak, using President Zelensky’s phrase.

At a press conference from the Lithuanian capital, the British Prime Minister also said that NATO is “more confident and more united than ever”, having agreed “to the most fundamental transformation” of the Alliance’s readiness to provide security guarantees. However, he noted that security guarantees for Ukraine are not a substitute for the country’s full integration.

He emphasized that now all partners have committed to spend at least 2% of GDP in the defense sector.

Asked whether he agreed with British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace’s statement that Ukrainians should show more gratitude for the aid they receive and that Britain is not the Amazon of constantly supplying weapons, Mr Sunak replied that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “has expressed gratitude” on many occasions.

“I know that he and his people are incredibly grateful,” commented Mr. Sunak, adding that he fully understands President Zelensky’s will to do everything to protect his countrymen.