PASOK’s parliamentary representative, Dimitris Manzos, speaks of a monument of unreliability in his statement regarding the assimilation of the university police.

Dimitris Mantzou’s statement in detail:

The abolition of the University Police, announced today by the Minister of Citizen Protection, Notis Mitarakis, is a monument to unreliability and a confession of the clientelism that characterizes the governance of the New Democracy. The New Democracy remained faithful to the traditions of its party and to the well-remembered field guard of Mr. Polydoras.

But primarily it proved the ridiculous and opportunistic way in which the “multidimensional modernization” Government deals with the reforms.

She made the establishment of the University Police a symbol of her “reform”. Despite the drumbeats and the statements of the Prime Minister that he will not take a single step back, finally the 1,060 police officers, who, it should be noted, have never tried in the HEIs, will know their future once the dichotomy between Mr. Mitsotakis and the relevant Minister ends.

Universities must be guarded as in all of Europe to ensure their orderly operation, something PASOK-Movement for Change supported from the very beginning.