Environmental activists in Ibiza covered a private jet in yellow paint amid growing protests worldwide demanding climate action.

Video from the scene shows one of the team members speaking in front of the plane saying: “I’m here today because it scares me, I have no future.”

In the Ibiza video activist Marina cites statistics showing that the richest 1% of the world’s population is responsible for more than double the amount of carbon pollution.

He says that the rich who choose luxurious life, consume and pollute common resources, but also all life on the planet.

The video then shows a man covering the plane in black and yellow. It climbs onto the wing and appears to be attached to the fuselage.

At the end of the video, a message reads: “We can no longer maintain your privileges. eat the rich Help us.’

Meanwhile, another video of climate protesters in Germany has captured activists clashing with the driver of an Air Liquide truck, a company “promoting the energy transition”.

Video shared online appears to show “Last Generation” protesters sitting on the road to block traffic before the truck driver attempts to pass. An activist is dragged across the road in front of the moving truck before the driver pulls over.

Air Liquide is the official hydrogen supporter of the Paris Olympics and is working to innovate through “the development of low-carbon hydrogen and biomethane for the energy transition”.

The protesters appear to be from the “Last Generation”. The organization was founded in 2021 and operates in Germany, Italy and Austria.

The truck driver is initially seen getting out and trying to get them out of his way.

When they sit back in their seat, he slowly starts to drive forward and push the activist closest to the pavement. The young man jumps and bystanders run to help him.

The truck driver is seen throwing up his hands in frustration and stops the truck. Again, he gets out and drags the protester out of the way, creating enough space for him to drive between them.

Air Liquide made the following statement to MailOnline: “On July 12, Air Liquide was made aware of an altercation in Stralsund, Germany, between an Air Liquide Medical Gases contract driver and local protesters. The images show unacceptable behavior from the driver that does not align with Air Liquide’s values ​​in any way.”