Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba expressed satisfaction with the results of the NATO summit in Vilnius, stressing that his country is already psychologically a member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

“We have overcome the psychological barrier and I see that Ukraine is considered a member of NATO in real terms,” ​​the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said today in an interview on Ukrainian television.

He emphasized that it was unfortunate that some “leap forward progress” was not made. “But this leap forward (of joining NATO) will inevitably happen and it will happen much sooner than it seems to us now,” Kuleba added.

He said everyone had assured Kiev in closed-door meetings that joining the Alliance was coming, but the only questions that remained were when and how quickly.

Kuleba added that there were discussions with the partners regarding the wording of the “security pact” in the joint communique issued by the Western states until NATO membership is achieved.

“We interpret it as security guarantees, they interpret it as political commitments in the field of security,” said the Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky failed to secure at the NATO summit in Vilnius the expected invitation from Kiev for his country to formally join the Alliance.

Instead, Kiev was assured that the country can join the Alliance after the end of the war with Russia, which began in February 2022.