While airplanes are undoubtedly one of the safest modes of transportation, something can always go wrong. That is why in every flight we should take seriously into account the presentation of the means of rescue of the aircraft by the crew.

However, all pilots unanimously give passengers one piece of advice – the “golden rule” of safety for any flight: Locate the nearest emergency exit.

According to Travel+Leasure, every time we board a plane we should locate the emergency exit and from there count how many rows of seats are away from our seat.

Thus, in the event of an emergency, “even if all the lights on the plane are turned off, we will be able to reach the emergency exit by feeling the seats and mentally counting,” advises Hans Mast, a former pilot in a major airline company.

Also, the former pilot Nick Eades, suggests that passengers who are cool in difficult conditions and quite strong, book a seat next to the emergency exit during their air travel, so that they can offer their help to other passengers in case of need.