Gabon’s government announced a curfew and suspended internet access to “prevent the spread of calls for violence” this evening, just as polling stations closed for the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The measures were announced hours after Albert Ondo Osa, the main opposition candidate and most serious challenger to head of state Ali Bongo Odiba, who is seeking a third term, alleged “orchestrated rigging” by Bongo’s camp in the presidential and parliamentary elections. elections organized today.

In order to avoid “the spread of calls for violence (…) and misinformation”, “the government has taken the decision to suspend internet access throughout the territory until further notice. A curfew has been declared across the territory and will be enforced by on Sunday, August 27. It will be valid every day, from 7 pm to 6 am,” Communications Minister Rodrigo Buba Bissau told the public television channel.

Internet access was interrupted in the late afternoon.

Saturday’s presidential and parliamentary elections were held without international observers, African or European.