One Ospreya hybrid horizontal and vertical takeoff aircraft, of the US Armed Forces crashed today during military exercises in northern Australiaaccording to local media.

Several people received first aid after it crashed near the Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin, according to Australian public news network ABC NEWS.

There were no reports of casualties from the plane’s crash site in Australia, the news network also reported.

The Australian Department of Defense announced that an incident involving an aircraft carrying US military personnel occurred this morning during high schools in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Sky News Australia reported that a v-22 Osprey carrying about 20 US Marines had crashed off the coast of Darwin and that a search was underway.

“Initial information indicates that the incident involves US defense personnel and does not involve members of the Australian Armed Forces,” Australia’s defense ministry also said in an emailed statement.

According to the ministry, the incident occurred on Melville Island, north of Darwin, during the Predator’s Run 2023 exercise.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was previously scheduled to hold a press conference at 08:20 GMT, according to his office.