The mother of little Ben who disappeared in Kos 32 years ago has asked the police to investigate whether the body of a boy found wrapped in aluminum foil in the Danube is her son.

His 51-year-old mother Kerry Needham informed South Yorkshire Police of Interpol’s appeal for anyone with information about the body that was discovered in the River Danube in Bavaria in May 2022 and is missing. She herself believes that it is very likely that it belongs to her son.

The body found in the river belongs to a 5-6 year old child and was found wrapped in aluminum foil. Ben mysteriously disappeared while on holiday with his family in Kos on 24th July 1991.

The body was found in the Danube in May 2022 and Interpol just a few days ago issued a “black alert” activating everyone to identify it.

“I hope that the British police will look into this and contact the German officers about this matter. We have to rule it out. “I’ve always said from the beginning that I don’t believe he’s dead,” Ben’s mother said.


At the same time, he said that “the reconstruction image from Interpol looks like Ben. I never realized how widespread and massive child trafficking is. I spoke to a man this week who was trafficked from Greece in the 1950s. It still happens today in Greece but underground.”

Interpol released a reconstructed image of the boy and speculated that he could have been a victim of human trafficking. However, he does not know how long he was at the bottom of the Danube. As she pointed out, she is committed to mobilizing all her police capabilities to identify the boy found in the Danube and to help investigators shed light on his death.

Police believe Ben died on the day he went missing as a result of an accident involving excavators while playing outside his grandparents’ home, but his mother believes her son is still alive.

“I still hope South Yorkshire Police are wrong. And since there’s no evidence to back up their claims to me, I have to believe he’s still alive. There is not a single piece of evidence to the contrary,” the mother told the Daily Mirror.