A series of traffic regulations will be in effect from tomorrow, Friday until Sunday in the context of the 87th TIF, the parallel events – speeches and the planned protest gatherings – marches, in the center of Thessaloniki.

According to an announcement by the Thessaloniki Traffic Directorate, from 6 a.m. on Friday (15/9) until 8 p.m. on Sunday (17/9) all vehicles will not be allowed to park on the following streets in the city center :

-Angelaki, along her entire length.

-Nation. Amynis, from Agios Dimitrios to Lefkos Pyrgos Square

-St. Dimitriou, from Evangelistria Square to September 3rd and from Proxenos to Stefanos Dragoumis.

-C. Lambrakis, from Egnatia until September 3rd

-Armenopoulou, from Melenikos to Ethn. Defense

-N. Germanou, from Lefkos Pyrgos Square to X.A.N.Th Square.

– Jasonidou, from Egnatia to Ag. Dimitriou.

-L. Stratou, from Kavtanzoglou to X.A.N.Th Square.

-September 3, from M. Alexandrou to Agios Dimitrios.

On Saturday (16/9), from 3.30 in the afternoon, gradually, depending on the progress of the events and until their completion, the traffic of all vehicles will not be allowed on the following streets of the city center:

– Bas. Olgas, from M. Botsaris to Agia Triados.

– Bas. Georgiou, from Agia Triados to M. Andronikos.

– Ave. Victory, throughout its length.

– Kountourioti, along its entire length.

– Mr. Karamanlis, from Katsimidis until September 3rd.

-Egnatia, from Lagadas until September 3rd.

-Nation. Amynis, from Agios Dimitrios to Lefkos Pyrgos Square.

-Tsimiski, along its entire length.

-Agiou Dimitriou, from Lagadas to Stefanos Dragoumis.

-Agia Sophia, from Egnatia to Agia Sophia Square, as well as around the perimeter of Agia Sophia Square

-PI. Mela, along its entire length.

– Venizelou, along its entire length.

The prohibition of stopping and parking on Tsimiski, Egnatia and Agia Sofia streets as well as on Nikis and M. Alexandrou avenues is still in force.