The state had at its disposal as early as 2018 report with models that predicted the harm that could happen to Thessalian plain with terrific accuracy.

According to a report by SKAI, in 2018 the National Flood Risk Management Plan was drawn up and provided for 26 meters. Four years later, in 2022, the first evaluation report was made, i.e. what has been done. The results were disheartening as none of the 26 measures had been implemented.

The measures were designed based on some scenarios. In Thessaly, the scenarios predicted an overflow of the central bed of PINEIO and 12 tributaries. In this case, settlements and crops in Palama, Astritsa, Metamorfosi, Vlocho, and the city of Larissa would be covered with water.

Based on these scenarios some measures were drawn up such as:

  • Flood Early Warning System – Not completed
  • Water tank in Larissa – Not started
  • National Register of Flood Events – Notice of tender for consultant only in 2023 for the implementation of the project
  • Meteorological Data Collection Network – No stations installed