Elizabeth Belloni: Who is the “favorite” candidate for the Italian presidency (PICS)


According to Italian media, the leading candidate for the presidency of the Republic, who seems to have secured the support of the League and the Five Stars, is Elizabeth Belloni, now in charge of the country’s secret services.

Belloni was born 63 years ago in Rome.

She studied political science at the University of Luiss in Rome and from 1985, at the age of 27, she began her career in the country’s diplomatic corps.

After professional experience in several Italian embassies, in 2004 he took over as head of the crisis management unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From 2008 to 2012 she was Director of Cooperation and Support in Developing Countries, while in 2016 she was elected Director General of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In May 2021, the Italian prime minister asked Elizabeth Belloni to take over as director general of the Italian secret services.

She was married to Italian Ambassador Giorgio Giacomelli, who died in 2017. If elected, she will be the first woman, president of the Italian Republic.

So far, Lega and Five Stars seem to be unequivocally in favor of this candidacy. Part of Berlusconi’s center-left Democratic Party and Forza Italia expressed reservations, while Matteo Renzi’s small Living Italy party said it was strongly opposed to the solution.

It remains to be seen whether, as a last-minute surprise, he may once again name the current president of the Republic, Sergio Matarella, for a second term.

In the sixth ballot, which just ended in parliament, the number of abstentions reached 443, while 340 deputies and senators voted for President Matarella. It is recalled, however, that so far the Italian president has stated that he does not intend to accept a proposal for a second term.

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