Floods have completely destroyed at least 891 buildings in the Libyan city of Derna, the country’s official news agency reported today, citing data from a team appointed by the Government of National Unity.

An additional 211 buildings suffered partial destruction while 398 others have been submerged in the mud, according to the same source.

At the same time, at least 11,300 people are dead and another 10,100 are missing in the city of Derna alone. Flooding also killed at least 170 people in other locations in eastern Libya, according to OCHA figures.

From the ruins of houses in districts hit by torrents and from the sea, bodies are retrieved daily, which are buried against the background of the scene of destruction.

According to the testimonies of residents, most of the victims were buried under the mud or drifted towards the Mediterranean.

Members of a rescue team from Malta, helping Libyans at sea, reported finding hundreds of bodies in the bay, without specifying where exactly, according to a report in the Times of Malta newspaper.

Other Libyan and foreign search and rescue teams are reporting daily that they have found victims, but the search is hampered by the tons of mud and debris that covered part of the city.

In most cases the teams are forced to use shovels to clear the areas where they are operating, before searching for victims in damaged buildings.