The organization of climate activists “Last Generation” (Letzte Generation) painted earlier today in orange the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s most important landmark. The police made arrests.

“The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s most famous landmark and, like no other monument in Germany, it represents great, hopeful turning points in history. Today we say it clearly: We are here, we are more than ever and we will end our protest only when the change begins”, said the representative of the organization Marion Fabian and clarified that the activists were equipped with special sprays.

The police, for its part, announced that forces were at the scene and arrests were made.

The “Last Generation” became famous when a few months ago its members started blocking traffic on central road arteries by sticking their palms to the asphalt. The action of the organization is being investigated in the meantime by the Federal Service for the Protection of the Constitution, while its behavior has been condemned even by the Greens.