THE Hunter Biden sued the Internal Revenue Servicealleging that her agents illegally released his tax information and that the service failed to protect his personal files.

President Joe Biden’s son claims that the Internal Revenue Service illegally disclosed his tax return information and failed to put safeguards in place to ensure the confidentiality of his records. He’s lookingincluding, all documents relating to the disclosure of tax information, $1,000 for each unauthorized disclosure and attorneys’ fees.

The lawsuitwhich was filed in federal court in Washington, does not name as defendants the Internal Revenue Service employees who became complainants. But the lawsuit centers on disclosures made by the employeesGary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, and their attorneys in public statements, congressional testimony, and interviews.

“The lawsuit concerns the decision of the employees of the Internal Revenue Servicetheir representatives and others to ignore their obligations and repeatedly and deliberately disclose and publicly release Mr. Biden’s protected tax returns outside the Act’s disclosure exemptions”the lawsuit states.