The president of the European Socialists, Irace Garcia Peres, is visiting the affected areas of Thessaly, accompanied by the president of PASOK, Nikos Androulakis.

Mr. Androulakis expressed his thanks to the S&D president, stressing that her visit sends a message of solidarity to the Thessalian people.

The entire statement of Mr. Androulakis:

We need European funds to support the productive reconstruction of Thessaly.

Mr. Mitsotakis presented a plan of 2.2 billion euros. However, most of the money was funds that our country was already entitled to. We want new resources and a modern plan. That is why we proposed from the TIF stage the formation of a task force with working groups, in order to use the money transparently and quickly without a trace of clientelism that we experienced in the case of “Ianos” with the destruction and the delay in dealing with all the effects of this adventure three years ago.

The absolute incompetence of the staff state of Mr. Mitsotakis can be seen in the fact that too many days have passed and even today, here in Thessaly, thousands of dead animals have not been burned, they have not been collected. It is an unimaginable situation. This proves that there are no priorities for the health protection of citizens.

Finally, the justifications of the region for empirical treatment of the phenomena related to water management, in the year 2023, shows that we need a comprehensive water management plan throughout Thessaly. PASOK’s priority is to prevent the citizens of Thessaly from going through something similar again.

I want to thank very much Irace, my former colleague in the European Parliament, our president, who really wants to show the solidarity of the European Socialists to the Thessalian people with her presence.

I really thank her and I believe that we must fight together so that the Solidarity Fund is strengthened and has the appropriate resources to face this adventure.”