A truck bomb exploded at a checkpoint in the central Somalia town of Bellenduein, killing at least ten people and flattening nearby buildings, according to a police officer.

It is currently unclear who is responsible for the attack. The Islamist group Shebab often carries out such bombings in this country.

“So far I have counted ten dead, including soldiers and civilians. The injured are more than a dozen and the number of victims is certain to increase.” police officer Ahmed Aden told Reuters.

Beledwein is located in the Hiran region where fighting has recently taken place between the army and Shebab fighters.

Aden said that among the dead are five policemen who shot at the truck, in a desperate attempt to stop it before it crashes into the outpost. Nearby buildings, shops and the outpost were reduced to a pile of rubble, he added.

A woman, Halima Noor, who was near the area, said her niece and other people had gone to a nearby shop and she cannot contact them. “I don’t know what to say, everything is now ruins, I can’t find my niece,” said the woman.