With Tsokai and 24 players, the team of Panathinaikos B for Kalamata


THE Panathinaikos B completed today (23/09) at noon in Koropi his preparation for the premiere of the new Super League 2 championship and the home match against Kalamata.

With Sotiris Antoniou at his disposal 24 football playerswhom he included in the first team of the second team of the “cloverleaf” for this season, with the shoulder of Ennis Chokai from A to… stand out.

But not the Miguels either Tavares and Leandro Frokowhich are both wounded and will not attend tomorrow’s (24/09) OAKA game.

The relevant press release in detail:

“Panathinaikos B has completed its preparations for the start of the 2023-2024 season in Super League 2 and Sotiris Antoniou is counting 24 players for the premiere of the league, against Kalamata at OAKA, at noon (16:00) on Sunday ( 24/09).

After the warm-up, the Greens did rondo, possession exercises in a small space, while they also worked on the static phases.

The injured Tavares and Frokou were left out of the footage.

After the end of training, Sotiris Antoniou announced the footballers who were included in the Panathinaikos B squad.

They are: Lilo, Karakasidis, Margono, Sideras, Fikai, Martinis, Prodrotis, Turkochoritis, Lampsias, Voutsas, Athanasakopoulos, Kaloskamis, Mantsini, Furtado, Volakis, Kyriopoulos, Kriparakos, Sardelis, Tsokai, Symeonides, Karabas, Dabizas, Liomis and Bilal”.

Source: Sport Fm

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