The Italian press refers to a letter from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz regarding the provision of German financial aid to NGOs and organizations active in the field of rescuing and welcoming immigrants and refugees in Italy.

I learned with surprise that your government, without any coordination with the Italian government, has reportedly decided to support with significant funds, NGOs active in the field of welcoming irregular immigrants in Italian territory as well as rescues at sea. Both possibilities raise questionsMeloni writes in her letter.

The Italian Prime Minister then underlines: “as regards the important and expensive capital of land relief, it is legitimate to ask whether it would not be worth relying on Germany rather than Italy. At the same time, it is widely known that the presence of NGO ships at sea causes the immediate multiplication of departures with unsafe vessels. Something that not only financially burdens Italy even more but at the same time increases the risk of maritime tragedies».

And Georgia Meloni’s letter concludes: “I believe that the efforts, and of an economic nature, of the EU countries interested in providing substantial support to Italy should be focused on creating structural solutions to the migration phenomenon, for example by acting in favor of an EU initiative with the transit countries of the southern coast of the Mediterranean , which would require less funds than the one that has existed for a long time with Turkey. Confident of your understanding and cooperation, I hope that the exact nature of these initiatives of your government can be better clarified and I will be happy to discuss the matter in person at the first opportunity starting with the meeting of the European Political Community and the European Council in Granada , on October 5 and 6».