The former president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev threatened on Sunday that British soldiers training Ukrainian troops in Ukraine could be legitimate targets of Russian forces, as well as German factories that produce Taurus missiles, if they are given to Kiev.

In a Telegram post, Medvedev, the vice-chairman of Russia’s Security Council, first attacked Britain’s new defense secretary, Grant Shapps, who recently said in an interview that London wants to deploy military trainers to Ukraine. Already, London is training members of the Ukrainian armed forces in Britain and other western countries.

“That would converti trainers to legitimate goals for our armed forces”, stressed the former president of Russia. “Let them understand well that they will be destroyed without mercy. And not as mercenaries, but as British experts in NATO.”

Medvedev then lashed out at Germany, criticizing it for wanting to offer Ukraine Taurus cruise missiles that could hit Russian soil.

“They say this is done with respect to international law. So, in this case, the strikes against the German factories where these missiles are made also will be in full accordance with international law”he stated ironically.

“Those idiots they are actively pushing us toward World War III,” he threatened again.