By Athena Papakosta

And yet some would like Donald Trump to become the new president of the House of Representatives – even if it is temporary – in the place of its former head, Kevin McCarthywhich was deposed two 24 hours ago.

Troy Nels, a Republican congressman from Texas dropped the… bombshell saying that when the House reconvenes this week he will nominate the former US president for the post of leader.

It is worth noting that Nels is not one of those who voted against McCarthy. Nevertheless, he said yesterday, Wednesday: “President Trump was the greatest president of my life. He has proven that for him the priority is the United States of America and he will make the House great again.”

It is not the first time that Trump’s name has been floated on the table for the role of speaker of the House of Representatives. Last January before McCarthy took office the idea of ​​”Trump Speaker of the House” was floating around.

Today, Troy Nels is not alone. Another congressman from the Republican Party, Greg Stoube of Florida, agrees with him.

For his part, Donald Trump has previously stated that he is not interested in becoming president, although people close to him do not rule out that the former president of the country may be open to the possibility of helping the party for a specific – short – period of time, if necessary, as interim president of the House.

In fact, from the New York court – where he once again appeared for the civil fraud case against him – Trump was asked by reporters about this and he emphasized that “many are those who call me to take office. All I can tell you is that we’re going to do what’s best for the country, the Republican Party and the people,” adding that he remains “focused” on winning back the presidency.

The role of the President of the House of Representatives is of particular importance since he is the second person in the line of succession to the president after the vice president of the country. Of course, Donald Trump is not a member of Congress, however, the Constitution of the United States does not explicitly state that the Speaker of the House must serve in it. So the possibility exists. It just hasn’t happened before.

Certainly the platform X – formerly Twitter – has caught fire in the United States with the hashtag “Rule 26” which refers to the 26th regulation of the Republican Party’s constitution in Congress according to which a member of the leadership of the Party must submit his resignation if charged with a felony punishable by two years or more. Donald Trump is currently facing 91 criminal charges. Therefore according to the 26th regulation the Republican favorite for the anointing cannot take the reins of the House.

Party members could vote and change the bylaws, however, there are not a few who do not rule out some simply nominating him as a candidate, while others report that even if Trump changed the bylaws, he would not be able to gather and the required number of votes for the position.