By Antonis Anzoletou

His first official appearance Stefanou Kasselakis “outside the walls”, as leader of the official opposition, was successfully completed.

It was expected, after all, that the “falsities” about the “state of Turkey” would not be repeated in Cyprus. The president of SYRIZA expressed the party’s positions on national issues, showing the continuity that exists after the assumption of leadership by Alexis Tsipras.

Will he pass today’s “test” before his parliamentary group with the same proficiency?

It is the first time that Stefanos Kasselakis will speak at one of the party’s organs. “And if the rope can withstand us, it will be seen in the applause”, Lina Nikolakopoulou had written in 1987, with the verse finding perfect application in the current presence of Mr. Kasselakis in the Senate hall of the Parliament.

Will all the deputies reserve the same enthusiasm for him in the first placement before them? Will Alexis Tsipras choose to attend the meeting? There is a lot of new data about the president and enough individual data that will determine the result of the first “grouping” of the “47” after the internal party elections.

There is still no clear information on which persons will compose the new board of K.O. And especially if the MPs from the “opposing camp” who are close to Efi Ahtsioglou they will participate in it.

In the trio of parliamentary representatives, O. is considered certain Nikos Pappas. Until yesterday no appointment had been made with him Nasos Iliopoulos despite the telephone contact, which according to information, took place. His participation in the new scheme should not be taken for granted.

The position of secretary or parliamentary representative is said to be claimed by Theodora Tzakri and Dionysis Kalamatianos.

There is still great bitterness in the ranks of many SYRIZA MPs over his inelegant removal Stergiou Kalpakis and his Thanasis Theocharopoulos. It will be very interesting today, once the approval of the parliamentary group is requested for the new “directorate”, the balances that will be kept.

It is possible that there will be reactions from his placement George Tsipras in the position of the director of the parliamentary group without first informing the competent body.

Even the pending non-convening of the Political Secretariat is an issue that may come to the table. The approval of the proposals will reflect the new trends within the parliamentary group. It is not considered likely that the heads of departments who will undertake to control the work of the ministers will be announced today.

The role of Pavlos Polakis

The landscape is blurry in relation to the role that will eventually be played by Pavlos Polakis. The “murmur” caused by his possible placement as super-coordinator of EPEKE seems to have caused quite a stir.

For the contacts he should have with all, without exception, the MPs even from the other parties. His sharp character has caused tensions that may make cooperation on parliamentary work difficult.

In the staff of Stefanos Kasselakis, however, they are optimistic that all the necessary next steps will be launched after today. The meeting of the Political Secretariat and the Central Committee will follow after the local elections.