A mother from Italy experienced moments of panic when her 8-year-old son fell in the port of Salerno between a ship and a dock.

As seen in the video published by the Daily Mail, the woman can be heard screaming “where is he?” when her son fell into the sea. The child was with his parents and sister on vacation in Salerno, Italy.

He was holding his father’s hand before he broke free and started running along the dock, slipping and falling between the gaps.

With the help of passers-by and guards, the child was saved

Then, as reported by the Daily Mail, the father immediately dived in to save him but they were both trapped between the cruise ship and the port.

Fortunately, passers-by rushed to help and thus both were saved. Security guards and volunteers threw a rope that the boy hooked onto, allowing him to be pulled to safety.

The relieved woman is seen rushing over and tending to the little boy after he manages to get ashore. The rescuers continue to try to get his father up the steep wall and finally succeed with the help of a rescue belt.

The British newspaper notes that no one was injured in the incident.