A video from a closed-circuit camera captured her shocking moment a twin-engine plane crashed on landing at an airport in Brazil, killing the pilot and a terminal worker, while two passengers survived.

The pilot, Fernando Cavajata, was killed instantly

The aircrafta King Air C-90, crashed shortly after taking off from Bom Futuro Airport in Cuiamba, Mato Grosso, on Wednesday afternoon.

The pilot of the small planeFernando Cavajata, 42 years old, killed instantly. Juan Jaramijoa 62-year-old Venezuelan national, he was killed when part of the engine hit him near the terminal building.

The two survivorsAdelar Jakobowski, 55, and Valdir Jakobowski, 52, they managed to free themselves from the aircraft, announced the Civil Police. They were rushed to a private hospital and treated for back and abdominal injuries. They were scheduled to be discharged on Thursday.

Aerial view of the King Air C90 twin-engine plane that crashed at Bom Futuro Airport, in Cuiabá, Brazil, on Wednesday