New “wide scale” raids are underway across the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces, according to the Israel Defense Force (IDF) targeting mainly temples, as that is where Hamas members are believed to hide their weapons.

“The IDF is currently carrying out large-scale strikes on many targets belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip”said in a statement.

At the same time, Israel suggests that the Palestinians of Gaza leave as soon as possible and head to Egypt.

“I know the Rafah crossing (on the Gaza-Egypt border) is still open,” Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, chief military spokesman for foreign media, said at a briefing. “Anyone who can get out, I would advise them to go,” he said.

According to the Israel Defense Forces more than 200 targets have been hit during the night in Gaza.

“In recent hours, IDF warplanes and ships have attacked many targets of terrorist organizations throughout the Gaza Strip. Dozens of warplanes attacked over 200 targets across the Rimal neighborhood and Khan Yunis overnight.”he said in a post on X accompanied by a video showing buildings being destroyed.

In particular, the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza destroyed 790 homes and caused serious damage to 5,330, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs announced early Tuesday. Damage to three water and sewer sites has disrupted services for 400,000 people.

The same time, over 900 people have been killed in Israel, according to the authorities while the number of dead Palestinians rose to more than 680 dead from Israeli counterattacks, the Gaza Health Ministry said.

The Israeli army said yesterday, Monday, that it has largely gained control of the southern part, but fighting continues fiercely. Over 300,000 reservists on standby for the ground operation Israel is preparing.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed yesterday that his attack on Hamas would “change the Middle East” as Israel stepped up airstrikes on the Gaza Strip and cut it off from food, water, fuel and other supplies in retaliation for the bloody invasion of its fighters.

“As Israel’s prime minister, I tell you frankly, difficult days are still ahead of us,” Netanyahu warned in a televised address on Monday.

Hamas is escalating the tension

For its part, Hamas upped the ante on Monday after vowing to start killing hostages if Israeli forces continue to target civilians without warning.

“We will begin executing an Israeli prisoner for every new Israeli shelling of civilian homes, without warning,” Hamas spokesman Abu Obaidah threatened, as reported by Reuters.

Israeli authorities believe that up to 150 hostages are being held in Gaza, Israel’s UN ambassador said Monday. Hamas said on Sunday that more than 100 hostages were being held in Gaza, including high-ranking Israeli army officers. Videos on social media show what appear to be militants abducting many civilians, including children. A White House official said the US believes Americans may be among the hostages.

The Times of Israel reports that officers are preparing to inform 100 families that their loved ones have been taken hostage by Hamas and are being held in Gaza. Citing IDF Radio, the Times of Israel reports, “The Israel Defense Forces are sending officers today to inform more than 100 Israeli families that their relatives are being held in Gaza by Hamas.”

It adds that “UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan tells CNN that Israel estimates that ‘the number is between 100-150 people.’

Meanwhile, in Gaza, tens of thousands fled their homes as continued airstrikes leveled buildings in the city. Israeli tanks and drones were deployed to guard the Gaza border fence to prevent further incursions. Thousands of Israelis were evacuated from more than a dozen towns near Gaza, and the army called up 300,000 reservists – a massive mobilization on short notice.

Also, more than 137,000 people are hiding in UN emergency shelters in Gaza.

Help from the USA

The US has already begun delivering ammunition and military equipment to Israel, the White House said on Monday, as the Pentagon reviews its stockpiles to bolster its ally in the war with Hamas.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, confirmed Monday night that the first batch of military aid in the wake of the violent attack by Hamas militants is heading to Israel.