As a result of Germany’s “misguided” immigration policy, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger described images of Hamas supporters celebrating in the streets of German cities and called for the group to be punished to prevent it from repeating actions such as the recent attack on of Israel.

“I find it painful to celebrate what happened, which is typically a criminal act. It was a big mistake to bring into the country so many people with completely different cultural and religious backgrounds, because that’s how (different) interest groups are created,” Mr. Kissinger said in an interview with the Welt television service.

The veteran politician, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, did not rule out further escalation of the war, nor an attack by Israel against Iran, which he said supports Hamas. “It is unthinkable for the Israelis that the international community should discuss with those who started the conflict, who killed so many people and took so many hostages. There has to be some kind of punishment. There must be a serious limitation of (Hamas’) capabilities so that it does not repeat such acts,” he added, stressing that Hamas should be excluded from any political role and Israel should “re-establish its national sovereignty” in the region.

Asked what the European Union’s stance should be, Mr Kissinger said it would have to “make it clear to the countries that are planning to get involved in the conflict that they will pay the price for it”, as the war would also affect Europe, while, especially for Germany, he said that “it should give its unconditional political support to Israel – if necessary, also military”.