A convoy of civilians leaving northern Gaza was hit by gunfire, according to the BBC.

As described by the BBC, gunfire hit the motorcade of citizens, leaving behind dozens of dead and injured, including children.

In fact, the majority of the victims are reported to have been women and children, with the majority of minor victims between the ages of two and five.

The Palestinian health ministry says 70 people were killed at the scene and blames Israel for the attack, while the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) say they are investigating and say their enemies are trying to prevent civilians from leaving the north. .

Since the attacks, related videos have also been published.

Thousands of Palestinians are fleeing the northern Gaza Strip ahead of an expected Israeli ground operation in the area, while Israel continues airstrikes and says it will keep open two crossings to allow the population to move south.

Israel had given residents until Saturday morning to leave.

As that deadline was coming to an end, he said he could guarantee their safe movement through two roads until 16.00 (local time and Greek time).

Israeli forces massed around the Palestinian enclave are “preparing for the next phase of operations,” said army spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus.

Hamas, for its part, is telling people not to leave because the roads are not safe. It claims dozens of people were killed in strikes on buses and trucks carrying refugees on Friday. Reuters was unable to verify this claim. Israel says Hamas is preventing residents from leaving because it wants to use them as human shields, which the group denies.

In the Tel Al Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City, an area covered by the evacuation order, warplanes bombed several houses overnight, according to residents who fled to the nearby Al Kods hospital and planned to flee south in the morning.

“We lived a night of terror. Israel punished us because we don’t want to leave our home. Is there a worse brutality?’ a father of three said by phone, declining to give his name for fear of retaliation. “I will never leave, I prefer to die, but I cannot see my wife and children die in front of my eyes. We are helpless,” he added.