Masouras: “Giakoumakis’ header is the strongest I’ve seen in my life”


Giorgos Masouras spoke about the great victory of the national team over Ireland and his personal contribution to the good image of the “blue and white”, a day after the victorious passage from Dublin, for the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

In detail, what he said to the EPO camera:

For having scored five goals in six matches: “I haven’t realized it yet. The important thing is to continue, because we still have work on Monday, we have to continue. The important thing is to win on Monday, whatever the goal may be. It’ll be nice if it’s mine.”

As for whether a goal stands out: “Based on the difficulty and importance of the match, it was in the home game against Ireland. It made us believe in it more, to continue, to be motivated in the next games.”

For yesterday’s goal he scored: “There are times when the ball can come to you so easily that you score the goal and other times from where you least expect it. Yesterday was the second case. I saw in the counter attack that there was space, Mandalos made an amazing ball, great control by Giakoumakis. I wanted to be in the area at the parallel cross of Giakoumakis, to score the goal, I didn’t manage to get there and then Pelkas brought the ball and we scored the goal”.

For Giorgos Giakoumakis’ goal: “It’s the strongest header I’ve ever seen in my life. I was right behind, it was fantastic.”

For the sequel: “At the moment there is psychology and we are optimistic. My intuition says that things will be fine”

Source: Sport Fm

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