Hell on Earth… Satellite image of the Israeli army the day before (October 6) and the day after (Saturday, October 7) day of the Hamas attack in Israel it gave birth to the Israeli army (IDF).

On the map, a vast area of ​​Israeli territory is shrouded in smoke, signs of fires.

“The lengths to which Hamas is willing to go to commit war crimes are visible even from space” comments the IDF.

Clarifications on the delay of the ground operation in Gaza

It wasn’t the adverse weather conditions the reason for the postponement of the planned large-scale ground operation of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, his spokesman said on German television last Sunday night.

“No, not at all,” Arye Saruz Shalikar, a spokesman for Israel’s armed forces, assured German public broadcaster ARD. He argued that one of the main reasons was to allow more Palestinians to flee south.

According to a report in the New York Times, the ground operation was planned to begin over the weekend in the enclave, but was postponed due to cloudy skies that meant poor visibility for the operators of fighter jets and drones that would have provided air cover.

Mr. Salikar also called pressure Egypt to promise Palestinian refugees opening the border with the Gaza Strip. “We are not interested in harming innocents, women, children and the elderly. We are interested in destroying Hamas, punishing it for its attack last Saturday.”

Eliminating it is a “big”, “difficult” goal, he acknowledged. He referred to Israel’s actions after the attack on the Munich Olympics in 1972, declaring that all those responsible, in this case the leadership of Hamas, would be punished.