The release of Freddy Beleris was requested by the MEP and head of the Parliamentary Group of PASOK in the European Parliament, Nikos Papandreou, with his intervention during the debate in the Plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the Report on Montenegro.

Mr. Papandreou, starting his speech, congratulated the rapporteur of the report, Toninos Pikoulas, and pointed out that such reports really help a country on its way to joining the European Union.

The reported report praises Montenegro for what it has done so far on its accession path and acknowledges the interest expressed by the country’s citizens in continuing the accession process.

President Milatovic is making great efforts and has made several trips to Brussels and Strasbourg for this purpose.
“I was” the MEP pointed out “as an observer of the European Parliament in the last elections and they were fair and conducted peacefully. However, although all chapters of the accession process have been opened, none of them have yet been closed.”

We express concern about external influences in the political system and if we want to integrate the Western Balkans by 2030, these issues will come to the fore and should be resolved, Mr. Papandreou stressed.

In closing, the PASOK MEP added that the integration of Montenegro should not be delayed due to problems in other countries. He pointed out that the violation of the rule of law in Albania is typical, where the mayor of Hemara, Freddy Beleri, has been in prison since last May and has again requested his release.