War atmosphere against the US and Israel prevails in the Turkish press as reported by Manolis Kostidis.

Indicative of the anti-American and anti-Israeli climate in Turkey are also the statements of Fatih Erbakanpresident of the New Prosperity party, and an ally by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“To this tragic image we say “enough!” At least to close the American bases of Incirlik and Kurecik located in our country. Islamic countries to stop selling oil and gas to all US and Western countries that support Israel. The entire Islamic world, under the leadership of Turkey, is obliged to act immediately, this is a humanitarian and religious need,” says Erdogan’s political ally.

Turkish media

“Israel took a surprising decision, and announced that it has asked its diplomats to leave Turkey. There is the clarification that they are not leaving for reasons of protest, but because of the doubts about their safety”, meanwhile the Turkish media commented on the decision of the Netanyahu government.

They are leaving Turkey as soon as possible and Israeli citizens, rushing to Turkish airports. Israel had asked its citizens to leave Turkey immediately.

“The planes took off one after the other and the citizens of Israel left Turkey. After the demonstrations that took place over the Gaza hospital strike by Israel, Israel’s Security Council asked the citizens of the country to leave Turkey immediately. Israel’s airlines scheduled flights and all Israelis came to the airport to leave,” Turkish network TGRT Haber reported.