The Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni participated today in the peace conference organized in Cairo.

In her statements to Italian journalists, she underlined that “after attacks like the one by Hamas, a country has an absolute right to declare its right to exist, to provide security for its citizens, as well as to protect its right to defense.” . “A state’s reaction, however, cannot and should never be inspired by a feeling of revenge,” Meloni added.

The Italian Prime Minister, at the same time, underlined that “a continuous effort is needed in favor of the dialogue between Western and Arab countries” and “that the opening of the Rafa crossing is an essential result, in the logic of progress, step by step”. He also demanded the immediate release of all hostages, including Italian-Israeli citizens.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

On the sidelines of the international conference organized in Cairo, Georgia Meloni had a bilateral meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, while in the evening she is expected to go to Israel, where she will meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog.