The life of an unborn baby was saved by Palestinian doctors after his mother was seriously injured in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza Strip.

The mother was admitted to the hospital and doctors began to remove the baby from his mother’s womb and save him. The baby was eventually born healthy and given the necessary treatment, while being put on oxygen in the neonatal ward. The little fighter is now in stable condition.

As for her his motheralthough it was initially reported that it ended, it seems that she is fighting her own battle, having also undergone surgery.

UN: Over a third of hospitals in Gaza are closed

The same time, the UN warns of the dramatic situation prevailing in Gaza hospitals and the severe lack of fuel that exists.

The UN announced on Tuesday night that one-third of hospitals and nearly two-thirds of primary health care clinics in Gaza had already closed due to war damage and fuel shortages.

Israel cut off electricity to Gaza after Hamas attacks on October 7 – which means that the area depends on fuel-powered backup generators.