A demonstration planned for Saturday in Paris at the request of several organizations “in support of the Palestinian people” will be banned, police chief Laurent Nunes said today.

“It is not a static demonstration, (protesters) will roam around Paris, which is always more dangerous,” Nunes told France Info radio station.

“And the organizations that filed this statement with the comments that they were able to make may imply that they may also be in support of Hamas, and therefore I will ban this demonstration,” he noted.

Urgence Palestine, made up of various associations, unions and political organizations, called for “a large demonstration of support for the Palestinian people” on Saturday evening in the center of the French capital, according to its website.

On October 18, the Council of State reminded the government that pro-Palestinian demonstrations cannot be systematically banned and that it is up to prefects alone to assess whether there is a local risk of disturbing public order.

“Disturbing public order may not be material. The mere fact that there may be (Holocaust) denier, anti-Semitic or terrorist-supporting statements is a problem for us, and that’s what justifies these bans,” he said. the chief of police.

Last Thursday a pro-Palestinian demonstration was able to take place in the Place de la République in Paris, where about 15,000 people gathered, according to the police, who made 10 arrests mainly for anti-Semitic statements and slogans at the statue of the Republic.

According to the police chief, 189 anti-Semitic attacks have taken place in Paris since October 7, as a result of which authorities have made 73 arrests, 50 temporary detentions and the administrative detention of 25 foreigners without legal documents.

On October 7, fighters from the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas invaded southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, launching a bloody attack on civilians. In retaliation Israel declared war to “exterminate” Hamas, relentlessly pounding the Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli authorities, the Hamas attack killed over 1,400 people in Israel and over 200 were kidnapped and held hostage. According to the Hamas Health Ministry, 7,028 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed since Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip began on October 7.