The 21-year-old Voliotis, sole survivor of the first carriage of the fatal train that claimed the lives of 57 people last March, remains intubated in a stable condition at the Larissa General Hospital.

The 21-year-old Jason – Gerasimos Georgiadis has been fighting to stay alive since March 1st, when he was transferred with multiple injuries to the Intensive Care Unit of the General Hospital of Volos. The student was allegedly thrown into the fields, where the rescuers found him unconscious. The 21-year-old multi-injured man was returning to Thessaloniki, where he studies.

A few months ago, specifically in June, the 21-year-old Voliotis was transferred to a special rehabilitation center in Hanover Germanyfrom where, however, he returned due to a fungal infection infection.

Since that day, he has been hospitalized again in the Intensive Care Unit at the General Hospital of Larissa.

However, according to newer information, there are thoughts from the family to transfer the young survivor of the first carriage to a special rehabilitation center in America.

The lawyer of the family of the 21-year-old, Loukas Apostolidis, passed the threshold of the special appellate investigator yesterday afternoon, in order to be informed about the developments surrounding the case of Tempi.

“My visit to the appellate investigator and the prosecutor is for two issues. The first issue is the completion of the preliminary investigations in a time horizon that I believe by the end of the year the preliminary investigation process will be completed. The second issue concerns the case, if it will arrive in the spring or summer in the courtroom, there should also be practical issues to deal with because there are the defendants and the lawyers at the same time” he said initially and added that there are accusations from the investigation of the European Prosecutor’s Office as well of a criminal nature that reach the top of the political leadership for how they handled the financial data.

He described the case as a “trial-record” showing the optimism that it will reach the audience very soon.