Gaza in flames… Israel launched bombardments from all fronts in Gaza Strip, expanding both ground operations and bombing by the Air Force and Navy. Reports from Palestine confirm an incursion of Israeli tanks and a large-scale exchange of gunfire with members of Hamas.

Images from Gaza show the city burning overnight, with telecommunications down, indicating that tonight marks the rapid expansion of Israeli military operations.

According to reports, the Israeli forces they are pounding from all fronts, with air force, navy and artillery, the city and the outskirts of Gaza, sweeping everything with their bombs.

The IDF representative confirmed the conduct of ground operations for the 3rd night in a row in Gaza, adding that these operations will be “more extensive” than the previous two nights and “from all fronts”. He called on the Palestinian citizens to move south from the positions of Hamas, in order to save their lives.

At the same time, Hamas sent a call to its Palestinians West Bank “to take up arms”, with the characteristic phrase: “The time has come”.

The rapid developments in Gaza and Israel are in danger of opening the Aeolian Ascendant, as Iran has raised its voice very high, threatening a general conflict if Israel’s sweeping operation to clear Gaza begins. Now, it is unclear how Hezbollah, an organization with multiple operational capabilities compared to Hamas, will react, as well as Turkey, which has mentioned the possibility of military involvement, through Bakhceli’s mouth, as well as the Arab states, in which, every day, massive demonstrations of support for the Palestinian people take place.

Photos from Gaza being bombed:

Pounding since early afternoon in Gaza

Heavy airstrikes have been carried out by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip since the afternoon, while the representative of the IDF has officially announced that a ground raid will be carried out for the 3rd consecutive night and even more extensive than the previous two nights.

According to the same source, a short time ago heavy airstrikes began throughout the Gaza Strip, especially in its northern part. In fact, footage shows plumes of smoke and fireballs rising over Gaza City.

Watch video of the bombings in Gaza:

The Hamas government also announced that telecommunications and the Internet have been cut off in the Palestinian enclave. Netblocks, an organization that monitors cyber security and Internet access around the world, reported a “collapse” of connections in the Gaza Strip.

The shelling is “the heaviest since the start of the war on October 7,” Hamas said, accusing Israel of “preparing for massacres.”

The Israel Defense Forces have yet to comment on the spate of airstrikes.

This is a tactic followed by the Israeli army in previous times before the ground forces invaded the northern part of the Gaza Strip to carry out limited-scale operations.

CNN’s correspondent in the region reports heavy explosions inside Gaza City, and reports of heavy tank fire being heard in the city of Sderot.

Gallant: The ground attack on Gaza will last a long time

THE Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant he mentioned that Israel is expected to launch a ground attack on Gaza soonwhich will be long and difficult, and will aim to destroy a vast network of tunnels used by Hamas leaders in the regionas reported by The Times of Israel.

Gallant stated that the land invasion will involve large forces, supported by airstrikes and “will take a long time,” without elaborating. He stressed that a third phase of lower-intensity fighting would follow as Israel destroys “pockets of resistance”.

Gaza hospitals seek fuel to run emergency generators powering incubators and other life-saving equipmentafter Israel cut off all fuel deliveries to Gaza at the start of the war, forcing its only factory to close.

Gallant reported that Israel believes that Hamas will confiscate any fuel that enters. He noted that Hamas uses generators to pump air into its hundreds of miles of tunnels, which originate in civilian areas. He shows reporters aerial footage of what he says is a tunnel shaft built right next to a hospital.

“For air they need oil. They need us for oil”he added.