Hamas “will pay for its crimes against humanity and tonight we begin the revenge” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s adviser, Mark Regev, said on Friday night, as Israel bombarded Islamic State positions in Gaza.

“Hamas will feel tonight our wrath” also reported.

Speaking to the American television network Fox News, Regev said that Israel is stepping up pressure on Hamas, its military operations are ongoing, and that Gaza will be “very different” when they are completed.

“They will continue to receive our military blows until we dismantle their military machine and their political infrastructure in Gaza. When this is all over, Gaza will be very different,” he added.

A senior official of the Palestinian Hamas said that the organization is “ready” to face a possible ground operation by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip.

“If Netanyahu decides to enter Gaza tonight, the resistance is ready” Ezzat al-Rishek said on the Telegram platform, adding that “the land of Gaza will swallow the pieces of (Israeli) soldiers.”

Hamas is proposing the release of foreign (non-Israeli) hostages in exchange for a five-day ceasefire, a senior Al Barakeh official told the Financial Times. He clarified that there will be additional terms for the release of Israeli civilians, while no Israeli soldiers will be released.

“Hamas will not release any Israeli soldiers,” Mr. Barakeh clarified. “We keep them for exchange [κρατουμένων]» clarified the leading Arab official who lives in exile abroad.

“Anyone who sincerely and genuinely cares about the lives of citizens should to demand the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages. Perfect”, however, a senior Israeli official said, rejecting Hamas’ proposal.