An endless drama, between the relentless Israeli bombardments and the “shield” policy extortionately implemented by the HamasPalestinians experience in her city Gaza. Thousands of people, mostly the elderly, women and children, are now forced to live without water, food and medicine, as fighting rages on the outskirts and bombs rain down on the residential fabric.

THE IDF released new videos of the ground and rocket attacks on the Gaza Strip. The videos show the ferocity of Israeli operations against Hamas, with civilians as collateral casualties, in a war that has almost universally overshadowed the horrors of the Ukraine war, which is also being brutally waged by Russian invasion forces.

IDF videos show Air Force jets attacking Hamas military buildings, some of which were the group’s terrorists. In addition, they attacked anti-tank positions, observation posts and military infrastructure.

According to the IDF, the forces eliminated terrorists who fired at Israeli soldiers as well as terrorists spotted on the coastline in the Zikim area of ​​the Gaza Strip.