Justin Trudeau expressed his grief over the death of Matthew Perry through a post on social media. The Prime Minister of Canada and the beloved actor were classmates in elementary school, as Matthew Perry had revealed in an interview.

“The death of Matthew Perry is shocking and sad. I will never forget the games we played in the school yard and I know that people all over the world will never forget the joy it brought them. Thanks for all the laughs, Matthew. You were loved and we will miss you,” said Justin Trudeau.

“We beat Trudeau out of jealousy”

The actor had revealed that when they were in elementary school he and a classmate had beaten Trudeau. “We saw him together. I think he was good at a sport we weren’t, so it was pure jealousy. That’s how we saw him,” Perry had said. In fact, he had added that he did not feel well about this incident. “I’m not proud. It was tragic. I was a silly child. I didn’t want to bother him” he said.

With Trudeau responding with humor: “I’ve thought about it a little bit, and you know what, who didn’t want to hit Chandler? How about a Matthew Perry rematch?’