A female Israeli soldier has been freed from Hamas captivity following IDF ground operations inside Gaza, according to a statement from the country’s military.

“Tonight, the female soldier Colonel Uri Magidish was released, during a ground operation, after her abduction by the terrorist organization Hamas on October 7,” it said and added:

“The soldier has been medically examined, her condition is good and she has been reunited with her family.”

The IDF and Shin Bet will continue to make every effort to free the abductees, their statement added.

Netanyahu: Our commitment to bring all hostages home

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “welcomed” home soldier Uri Magidish after she was rescued last night during an IDF ground operation in Gaza, The times of Israel reports.

Netanyahu congratulated the IDF and Shin Bet “for this important and moving achievement. “It shows our commitment to bring all the hostages home,” he noted.

The prime minister called Hamas terrorists “monsters,” saying Israel would continue to pursue them.

Israel is making “systematic progress” in campaign against Hamas, Netanyahu says

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was making “systematic progress” in its military campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

At the start of a war cabinet meeting, Netanyahu reported that the IDF has “expanded its territorial entry into the Gaza Strip. He does it in measured, very strong steps, making systematic progress one step at a time.”

IDF rescue is ‘proof of our ability’ to reach hostages in Gaza, says Gallant

THE defense Minister of Israel, Yoav Gallant, reported that the overnight operation in the Gaza Strip to rescue Pvt. Ori Megidish “is proof” that Israel can rescue hostages held by Hamas and other terrorist groups.

“This is a further demonstration of our ability to reach the hostages, the importance of the ground operation and above all our commitment to each of the hostages,” Gallant emphasized.

He noted that the ongoing land operation is not “easy”.

“The enemy is resisting, but IDF forces are operating with precision and determination, with cooperation between ground and air forces and quality intelligence,” Gallant added.

“This machine is unstoppable and I am convinced that they will be able to complete their tasks,” he emphasized. “This will not be a short or easy war, but we are determined to win for those who paid with their lives,” he added.

Gantz: Israel will use “any means” to return hostages from Gaza

THE Benny Gantz stated for his part that Israel will continue to work tirelessly for the return of hostages held in Gaza, after the release of an IDF soldier during a military operation last night.

“We will continue to make every effort, by any means necessary, to bring our girls and boys home,” Gantz says.

Israeli Foreign Minister: We will continue to act to free all prisoners

Alongside, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen congratulated the IDF and Shin Bet for bringing soldier Pvt. Ori Megidish at home, adding: “We will continue to act to free all captives.”