The offensive of the Israeli army is underway in the Gaza Strip, with Israel aiming to destroy Hamas. However, “it is not at all certain that the security of the country can be achieved by the heavy bombardment of the Gaza Strip”, comments the Berlin newspaper tageszeitung. “USA. they also hold back Israel and demand a specific design for the next day, in the event that Israel actually destroys Hamas.”

But “the Israeli government he has no such vision, not even for the hostages. He overlooks that the hostage issue is existential for two reasons: because it concerns the lives of the hostages – but also the question of what kind of country Israel will be in the future. A country that saved the hostages or a country that abandoned them and their families? If the situation reaches the second case, then the country may suffer irreparable damage”.

For its part, Handelsblatt emphasizes that “it is important to avoid civilian casualties as much as possible – just as to avoid military interventions in case of doubt”, adding that if the Israeli government reacts in a completely disproportionate way, “then it will harm its own political interests”.

As for the post-war tomorrow, the German newspaper estimates that “Israel can fight long-term hatred and anti-Semitic Islamism, only if he wins the moderate votes that exist in Muslim societies. And it is precisely these voices that Israel will lose if it retaliates excessively.”