The Russian tycoon Alexei Kuzmitsev was taken into custody and is being questioned in France on suspicion of tax evasion, money laundering and violation of international sanctions, the French Economic Crimes Prosecutor’s Office announced on Tuesday.

Yesterday, Monday, searches were carried out at Kuzmitsev’s home in Paris and another in the Var department, south-eastern France, on the Mediterranean coast, as part of the investigation, the prosecutor’s office announced, confirming a report by Le Monde newspaper.

Today Kuzmitsev is still in custody, but he has not yet been charged for the case.

His defense attorney was not immediately available for comment.

French customs officials seized it last year the 27 meter yacht “La Petite Ourse” of the Russian oligarch as part of EU sanctions over his links to President Vladimir Putin.

This move caused a legal dispute between Kuzmitsev, who was one of the main shareholders of Russia’s Alfa Bank, and the authorities.

Commenting on his arrest, Rep of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov he said Russia would be able to defend its rights once Paris provided detailed information on the case.