Its president Yad Vashemof the World Holocaust Remembrance Center based in Jerusalem, strongly criticized the Israeli ambassador to the UN for his decision to wear a yellow star during a meeting of the UN Security Council. As he characteristically stated Danny Dayan, this move “it’s such a shame to the victims of the holocaust as well as Israel”.

“The yellow star symbolizes the weakness of the Jewish people and that the Jews they are at the mercy of others. Today we have an independent state and a strong army. We are the masters of our destiny. Today we will wear a blue and white flag, not a yellow star,” Dayan told X.

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, wore a yellow star on Monday – the symbol Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe during the Holocaust in protest on the ongoing decision of the UN Security Council not to condemn Hamas for its terrorist attack on 7 October.

As reported by CNN, Erdan and other members of the Israeli delegation wore yellow star-shaped stickers that read “Never Again” in defiance of the Security Council’s silence.

“From today, every time you look at me, you will remember what it means to remain silent in the face of evil. Like my parents and the grandparents of millions of Jews, my team and I will wear yellow stars,” he said.

“We will wear this star until you condemn the atrocities of Hamaand demand the immediate release of our hostages. We walk with the yellow star as a symbol of pride, a reminder that we swore to fight back to defend ourselves,” Erdan said on Monday.