Uruguay’s foreign minister, Francisco Bustillo, resigned on Wednesday after records emerged showing he tried to cover up discussions about the dangerousness of a drug lord applying for a passport.

“Things are not quite as they appear, but they are sensitive enough for me to submit my resignation to the president,” Luis Lacaille Pou, Mr. Bustillo said in a statement.

AFP sources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they reported that he informed President Lacaille Pou, who is on an official trip to the US, of his resignation.

Mr. Bustillo announced his decision after former Deputy Foreign Minister Carolina Ace testified yesterday morning as part of an investigation by the prosecutor’s office into alleged irregularities. in the proceedings for the issuance of a Uruguayan passport received by drug lord Sebastien Marchet in November 2021.

Sebastien Marchet, a fugitive today, he applied for a Uruguayan passport in October 2021 and received it at the end of November of the same year, while being detained in the United Arab Emirates for attempting to leave the country with a fake Paraguayan passport.

Leaving the prosecutor’s office yesterday Wednesday, Mrs. Ace he told the press that he went “to cooperate with the investigation in order to clear up the facts once and for all and for the whole truth to be known”.

Ms Ace resigned on 19 December 2022due to the scandal caused by the revelation of a WhatsApp conversation on November 3, 2021, during which the interior ministry’s second-in-command, Guillermo Maciel, had described Mr. Marchet as “a very dangerous and important narco (ss. drug trafficker)’.

What Mr. Maciel had told Ms. Aceh belies Mr. Bustillo’s line of defensewho, when asked about the case in the Senate on August 22, 2022, had said: “In November (of 2021), did any of us know who Marcette was?”

In announcing his resignation, Mr. Bustillo once again denied that there was any illegality in the passport issuance process.

Is expected to testify tomorrow Friday at the prosecutor’s office.