London, Thanasis Gavos

Rishi Sunak and Elon Musk had an original casual conversation about the possibilities and threats of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Thursday.

The event, which was not covered by television cameras, took place on the sidelines of its last day of the first international conference on the safe use of ITwhich was organized by Mr Sunak at Bletchley Park outside London.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom essentially took it upon himself to ask the 51-minute questions chat to the billionaire owner of X, Tesla and SpaceX, who has invested in AI but also often warns of dangers hidden in advanced technology.

Under these scenarios Mr. Musk spoke of “the most destructive force in history” regarding the traditional labor market.

“There will come a time when no job will be needed. You can have a job if you want one for personal satisfaction, but TN will do everything,” Elon Musk told Mr front of an audience of experts in the field.

It is noted that in the report on the dangers of cyberspace drawn up by about 50 experts on behalf of the British government on the eve of the Bletchley Park conferencethe disruption of the traditional labor market with job losses resulting in poverty and social unrest was one of the dystopian future scenarios.

Mr. Musk repeated an aspect of the warning he had made shortly before the start of the conference about the potential destruction of humanity from TN. “There is a safety concern,” Mr. Musk noted, “especially with humanoid robots.” He added that at least a car like the ones he builds “can’t chase you into a building or up a tree.”


A few days ago, the eccentric entrepreneur said that advanced AI systems could in the future fall into the hands of fanatical environmental activists that in order to save the planet they could aim to destroy humanity, repeating an extreme theory that has been circulating in recent years on the property of X, formerly Twitter.

Mr. Musk also mentioned that AI could be used to educate and guide children or even to fill the friend gap in cases of children who have difficulty making friendships, such as one of his sons.

The two interlocutors agreed that in order to prevent risks in the future from the development of a so-called “supercomputer” there should be some commonly accepted “arbitration” as to the use of TN.

This was also the aim of Mr. Sunak’s conference, with the British Prime Minister announcing from Bletchley Park the agreement (on a voluntary basis) of the 28 countries that participated and the companies in the field that safety tests of new TN models should be carried out before their widespread availability. This process will be supervised by the TN Security Institute based in Britain.

The UK report on IT threats also mentioned the most serious cyber-attacks on infrastructure as scenariosthe use of systems by organized crime, the development of biological weapons, but also the “existential threat” to humanity from the out-of-control development of a “superintelligence”, with AI systems acquiring the capacity for autonomous development and actions.