Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, made a statement for the first time since the October 7 Hamas attack, saying the operation launched by the Islamist Palestinian militant group Hamas on October 7 was “100% Palestinian.” while blaming the US for the war in Gaza, he argued that Hezbollah has the weapons to confront US ships in the Mediterranean.

The Hezbollah leader began his speech by paying tribute to the Lebanese and Palestinians “witnesses” who were killed in the conflict with Israel.

“The US must be held accountable and pay the price for Israel’s crimes in Gazahence resistance movements have attacked and will continue to attack US forces in Iraq and Syria”Nasrallah said.

Referring to US support for Israel, the leader of the Shiite organization called Israel a weak state, as fragile as a spider’s web that needs American and Western support.

Responding to if Hezbollah will join Hamas’s war with Israel, Nasrallah said that “some are claiming that Hezbollah is going to join the battle. I tell you: We have been involved in this battle since October 8″ and added “some would like Hezbollah to engage in an all-out warbut I can tell you: What is happening now on the Israel-Lebanon border is important and it is not the end.

In fact, he argued regarding her Hamas attack on October 7 that “Israel falsely claimed that Hamas decapitated babies and provided no evidencewhile the whole world has seen images of Palestinian children being bombed in Gaza.”

Finally, it urges Arab countries to stop exporting oil to Israel.

Key points from Hassan Nasrallah’s speech:

– My brothers and sisters peace to you all. We are here today to remember those who are Hezbollah’s role models

– I express my gratitude to the fighters from Yemen and Iraq who participated in this battle

– If we want to seek a battle with absolute legitimacy, there is no battle like the battle with the Zionists

– Over two million people in Gaza have been living under siege for almost 20 years

– They kill our people on a daily basis

– The October 7th attack was 100% Palestinian and kept completely secret even by allies

– Al-Aqsa Flut’s battle against Israel has expanded on more than one front

– Iran supports resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine, but does not impose its choices on these groups

– The October 7 attack was a political, military and security earthquake for Israel with strategic and existential implications

– The need and speed for US support and embrace exposed Israel’s weakness and failure

– Most of the civilians killed on October 7 were killed by the Israeli army acting in confusion

– Israel announces targets it cannot achieve, demonstrating the stupidity of its government

– Israel has not made a single military achievement in a month

– There is direct American responsibility for the massacres in Gaza

– the United States is fully responsible for the war in Gaza and for the great crimes of this century and the last

– the decision of the resistance in Iraq to attack US bases is wise

– This is a battle between humanity and barbarism, represented by the USA, Israel and the UK

– Israel is just a tool and the US is using it

– The United States is against a ceasefire, against everything

– This war is a decisive battle in which Hamas must be victorious

– The victory of Gaza would be a victory for the national interests of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon

– Arab countries must stop exporting oil and food to Israel

– Arab countries to cut ties with Israel

– Hezbollah entered the fray on October 8

– Hizbollah’s involvement in the conflict so far “will not be all that has been done”

– Netanyahu tells ‘our enemies in the north’, meaning Hezbollah, don’t test us, you’ll pay dearly

– A third of the Israeli army has been deployed in the direction of the front with Lebanon

– Israel will make the biggest mistake in its history if it undertakes a pre-emptive war against Lebanon

– Escalation of the Hezbollah operation will depend on what happens in Gaza and our enemy’s reaction to Lebanon

– I will say it clearly, on our front, all options are open. We must be ready for all options

– We have weapons to deal with US ships in the Mediterranean

– I call for a ceasefire in Gaza