THE President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced today its “disaster”. Russian corvette Askoldtwo days after the Ukrainian armed forces announced a “successful” missile attack on a shipyard in Kerch, on the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula.

“Thank you to everyone who contributed to the destruction of the Russian ship in its shipyard Kerch»the Ukrainian president said in a speech published on social networks.

Ukrainian media today broadcast video of Saturday’s missile attack, in which one of its Russian fleet ships Black Sea hit by SCALP missiles supplied by France.

“Now is not the time for elections”

“It is not time for elections” in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky said today, putting an end to the scenario for presidential elections planned for 2024.

“We must decide that it is time for defense, for battle, on which the fate of the state and the people depends, and not for farce, which only Russia expects from Ukraine. I think it is not the time for elections” , Zelensky stated in his daily speech.

“We must unite, not divide, not be consumed by quarrels or other priorities,” he urged.

If Russia had not invaded Ukraine in February 2022, parliamentary elections should have been held in Ukraine this October and presidential elections in March 2024.

“There is no room for confrontations,” Zelensky said tonight. “We all understand that today, in a time of war, as the challenges are many, it is absolutely irresponsible to raise the issue of elections to society lightly,” the Ukrainian president argued.

This announcement is made in the middle of the debate in the country about the possibility of holding elections in time of war.

“The Ukrainian president is studying and weighing the pros and cons,” Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said last Friday, stressing that the election would pose unprecedented challenges for the authorities.